Cookies policy


Hi, we are Carnomed D.O.O. You are probably here because you are interested in learning more about how we use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies. As part of our commitment to maintaining a high standard of transparency in our Privacy Policy, we have created this guide to explain the tracking technologies we use on our web sites.

Just to be clear, our sites include all those that are in our possession and operate by Carnomed d.o.o. such as,,

What are cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies?

Typically, there are two types of tracking technologies that we can use on our sites:

Cookies: this is not the kind you eat, they are a small file of data sent from a server to your web browser or a mobile device that is stored in your browser’s cache or mobile device. There are ways to control your cookies and settings to accept or reject cookies (see which options are below).

Clear gifs, web beacons, web bugs: These are tiny graphics with a unique identifier similar to the cookie function, and are used to track the movement of web users between pages and websites. Unlike cookies, that cache on the user’s computer, clear gifs, web beacons, and web bugs are invisibly fixed on web pages and the size of one pixel.

What about these technologies?

We use these tracking technologies in several general objectives such as:

  • let our sites work properly,
  • to understand how our sites work and to apply any improvements in performance and our services,
  • to improve your experience on our sites and provide functionality that, for example, means that you do not need to re-enter your information each time you join our sites or record which purchases you made on our sites,
  • to collect relevant information that helps us provide marketing and advertising content relevant to your interests.


We may sometimes work with third parties who can use different tracking technologies to provide certain services on our sites, including targeted online marketing or relevant messages in certain parts of the site. These third-party services use cookies to anonymously collect data and allow them to recognize your computer or mobile device every time you visit any of our sites. These cookies do not collect any personal information. Anonymous data they collect is separate from the personal information about you as a user.

Your options when cookies, web beacons and similar technologies

You can change the settings of your web browser to maintain your cookie preferences. Use these links to learn more about cookie settings for these shared browsers:

You can also give up third-party promotional cookies at any time by visiting this site.

Keep in mind that if you disable cookies, web beacons and similar technologies, there may be some functionality that will not work or work properly on our sites.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please contact our privacy champion in writing at Radnička 14/2, Novi Sad, Serbia or